The Perfect Catered Party: The Tips You Need

Planning a large party with a large number of guests in attendance can easily become tiresome and difficult. One of the most important aspects that needs plenty of revision in these kinds of functions is no doubt the food and drinks. It is highly unlikely that you (or anyone else for that matter) will be personally cooking for a large number of guests, which means that a caterer will be your sole option. To ensure that your party is perfectly catered, consider the three main tips below: 

Know the Preferences of Your Guests

One of the most important points to consider when it comes to achieving a flawless catered party is to be aware of the preferences of your guests. Knowing what your guests like or do not like makes the difference between a well-thought-out menu and a poorly-thought-out one. The most common example you hear in these kinds of points is that there may be vegetarian guests or guests with allergies that may need special attention and alternative food choices. However, beyond that train of thought, you should also know that the preferences of guests can decide the theme of a menu. For example, have you ever considered whether your guests lean on the adventurous side or not? If they do, they might be pleased to see food from a best Lebanese restaurant to taste some middle-eastern food!

Know the Schedule

And of course, do not forget the other main point that governs the rules of catering Hurstville: the schedule, or the agenda for the day. A properly planned agenda with the adequate amount of time set apart for each event (neither too much time nor too less!) can ensure that your guests will be able to enjoy the food minutes after it is cooked or prepared. Having too much time for events before dining can result in cold food, whereas too little time for the previous engagements can result in your guests having to wait at the table whilst the food is prepared. Either turn of events is quite bleak and ample evidence of poor planning on your part. Accordingly, consider the agenda properly and let your reserved restaurant or caterer of the agenda so that they can plan in advance as well.

Think About the Seating

This point might make more sense if your party or function leans more on the elegant and formal side, but even if you have planned for a casual party, having a good idea about seating can avoid problems such as not having enough seats for everyone present (and seeing guests standing as they eat can be quite embarrassing!). if you are planning to have all guests sit at tables for their dinner or lunch, then make sure that there are enough tables and chairs for everyone. If you also want to have a seating plan, make sure your guests are informed about it beforehand: you do not want to boss your guests around and show them where to sit on the day of the party itself – it can easily look condescending and rude after all!

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- January 28, 2018