22nd Jun 2016


Tips To Keep Yourself Fit And Healthy This Summer

Summer time is the time to have fun, go out for holidaying, picnic and loads of enjoyment, right? If on one side it is always an enjoyable time during summer, on the other hand it is the time when we have to take extra care of ourselves and of our children. Here we have some tips to keep yourself fit and fine.

• This is the time when we get sunburnt the most. So, try to be inside or at least in shade as much as possible, especially during the middle of the day time. That is the time when the UV rays are most harmful and affect us the most.
• Do not forget to use sunscreen before getting out of the house. And if you are travelling, make sure to have loads of them. Even it is cloudy outside, apply it. Basically you should use sun screen all through the year round.
• Use hats, sun glasses and make your children also use them. Sunglasses not only increase your cool quotient, but it also saves your sensitive eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
• Stay hydrated always by drinking loads of mineral water and fresh fruits. Summer time is more prone to contamination. So, it is always suggested to drink clean and clear water. And do not forget to carry a bottle while going out of house.

• Try to wear cotton fabrics more than anything else. Especially while getting out in the sun wear covered up clothes to protect your skin from getting tanned.
• Carry umbrella if required.

• Always drink mineral water only.
• Avoid eating too much of oily and fast foods. Try to have light meals and snacks. This is the high time for stomach problems and you will find most of the children as well as adults complaining of it. So, better go for light meals.
• Do not leave food out of refrigerator for more than one or two hours.
• Never eat the stale food or the last night’s food. No matter it was in your refrigerator or not, try to avoid it.
• Wash your hands with sanitizer and soaps before you touch your food. This habit should not only be maintained during summer, but in all seasons.
• Always use clean utensils and cutleries for serving food.

• Take bath at least twice a day.
• During summer time, we tend to sweat out a lot. So, it is really very essential to keep ourselves germ free and fresh.


11th May 2016


How To Lose Weight

The process of losing weight becomes a complicated, difficult process only if you make it one. It is important that you know the process of losing weight and feeling good about yourself does not have to cause you strain as it can be done in a stress freeway.

Do not starve

Whatever diet plan you may chose it is vital that starving yourself is not part of your plan. Starvation will only cause you to eat more as your levels of hunger will greatly increase to a point where you will not be able to handle the huger anymore. It is important that you know that will power does not mean starving yourself when you are hunger instead it means not having too many pieces of cakes or cutting back on fatty foods. For example if you have an immense craving for Chinese dumplings but you know they are not part of your diet plan. You can read more reviews here if you are looking for best Chinese restaurant. 

Then you will need a lot of will power to stay from Chinese dumplings until your diet is over, however you should make sure that you eat something else to satisfy your hunger.

Believe that you can reach your ideal weight

Believing in yourself is an important part in the process of losing weight because if you do not believe that you can reach your ideal weight then the diet plan you follow and the exercise routine you do daily will not have any significant impact. The process of losing weight can take time therefore you need to be patient in order to see results. If you are somebody who gives up easily then it will be essential for you to go on a diet with somebody else at the same time. Having a partner will be beneficial because if you get discouraged and want to quit, the motivation and determination of your partner could inspire you to continue. It is also beneficial to have a partner as they will be able to offer you support and the encouragement you need to continue in order to reach your goal.

Do not let the critics get to you

The media and even society might criticizes you and tell you that you are wasting your time but it is important that you do not let the critics get to you. If you have been teased or laughed at because of your determination to want to do something do not let this stop you, instead use the negative words and experiences that you have been exposed to, to your advantage. If other people think you are not good enough, do not let this get you down instead let it motivate you and drive you to reach your goal.

19th Apr 2016


Are The Corporate Companies Concerned About Their Employees?

Today’s serious concern in the business world is that whether the work place is concerned about their employees. The concern for their physical and mental state of mind. With the huge of amount of stress and anxiety, building within them every day they are losing their wellbeing in order to make some money and save their jobs to secure their future.

Psychologist have raised concerns about the mental wellbeing of people with high stress affecting their physical health too. Apart from this not talking food on time can affect metabolism and later have sealed their place with eating problems.

Here are a list of things all companies should do for their employees.

They should have a proper office lunch catering in their cafeteria. They can sure the food has all needs food nutrients. They should have a place to chill out inside the company. They should not feel closed and forced to work in the company. When people work in companies they should enjoy what they are doing.

Maternal holidays should at least start from third trimester. They should not be asked to work on weekends. There should be a Psychologist employed in the building to help the people.

It is also important to have continuous check for blood pressure, glucose level of blood etc. If your employees are above the age of 40, it is very important to take their health insurance plans in office.

Apart from this; you can think about doctors who have irregular sleeping pattern which affects the body in adverse ways. Their bodies would sometimes shit down, due to exhaustion. These people should have a family psychologist who can help them.

Pregnant women who are working are putting the baby at a serious risk and even may lead to losing the baby. They should get a longer maternal leave because the kids are deprived of maternal care which is psychologically affecting them. If the mother is leaving the child to someone else there is a chance of the baby growing with trust issues. Several psychologist researched on developmental psychology and have the importance of parental or maternal care.

The work stress can cause several problems regarding life satisfaction and general stress. Moreover; due to this stress, many families are breaking apart from each other. Studies by researchers prove that higher the stress levels in work can be directly related to increase chances of your romantic life breaking apart. Therefore, make sure you do not lose the important things in life because of your work and stress.