21st Jul 2017


Types Of Tea And Their Uses

One of the highest consumed beverages throughout the world is tea. Most people have a habit of drinking tea as soon as they wake up and even after meals. This particular industry has flourished over the years and there are various types of options that have emerged. Here are a few and their uses and health benefits.

Black tea
Made with fermented tea leaves, this is one of the most common type that is highly consumed around the world. It is usually consumed with milk or in its plain form. The high caffeine content of this drink is a great way to improve concentration and metabolism. Therefore, this would be an ideal alternative for the caffeine addicts that are planning to get rid of the coffee habit. In addition, this type is also known to reduce the risk of stroke and protects the lungs from damage due to exposure to excessive cigarette smoke.

Green tea
A type of tea that is abundant in nutrients and known for its numerous health benefits is green tea. Available in a wide range of options such as matcha green tea and flavors such as apple, peach, mint and ginger to cater to the taste buds of different individuals. Its high antioxidant content helps in reducing the risk of cancer and cholesterol levels. In addition, it aids in weight loss by boosting the metabolism and helps burn fat too. Apart from this, the drink also aids in decreasing the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases.

If weight loss and improved health conditions is your ultimate goal, then a better and more effective alternative to green tea is oolong teas. Invest in an Oolong or matcha starter kit if you have just started drinking tea and notice the difference it makes to your health. Apart from aiding in weight loss, this also helps lower cholesterol levels and reducing the chances of clogging arteries. The high antioxidant content is known to reduce the risk of various types of cancers and other health conditions.


This type consists of several categories which includes chamomile, hibiscus and Echinacea. Chamomile tea that is known to improve vision, kidney functioning and even reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer. Whereas, hibiscus tea has proven to reduce high blood pressure and improve the medical condition of people suffering from this condition. In addition, Echinacea is usually taken to relieve the symptoms of common cold.
There are various options available in the market nowadays. So if you are planning on dropping your coffee habit and opting for this type of beverage instead, you have a wide of range of options to choose from.