19th Apr 2016


Are The Corporate Companies Concerned About Their Employees?

Today’s serious concern in the business world is that whether the work place is concerned about their employees. The concern for their physical and mental state of mind. With the huge of amount of stress and anxiety, building within them every day they are losing their wellbeing in order to make some money and save their jobs to secure their future.

Psychologist have raised concerns about the mental wellbeing of people with high stress affecting their physical health too. Apart from this not talking food on time can affect metabolism and later have sealed their place with eating problems.

Here are a list of things all companies should do for their employees.

They should have a proper office lunch catering in their cafeteria. They can sure the food has all needs food nutrients. They should have a place to chill out inside the company. They should not feel closed and forced to work in the company. When people work in companies they should enjoy what they are doing.

Maternal holidays should at least start from third trimester. They should not be asked to work on weekends. There should be a Psychologist employed in the building to help the people.

It is also important to have continuous check for blood pressure, glucose level of blood etc. If your employees are above the age of 40, it is very important to take their health insurance plans in office.

Apart from this; you can think about doctors who have irregular sleeping pattern which affects the body in adverse ways. Their bodies would sometimes shit down, due to exhaustion. These people should have a family psychologist who can help them.

Pregnant women who are working are putting the baby at a serious risk and even may lead to losing the baby. They should get a longer maternal leave because the kids are deprived of maternal care which is psychologically affecting them. If the mother is leaving the child to someone else there is a chance of the baby growing with trust issues. Several psychologist researched on developmental psychology and have the importance of parental or maternal care.

The work stress can cause several problems regarding life satisfaction and general stress. Moreover; due to this stress, many families are breaking apart from each other. Studies by researchers prove that higher the stress levels in work can be directly related to increase chances of your romantic life breaking apart. Therefore, make sure you do not lose the important things in life because of your work and stress.