11th May 2017


Drinking Age Must Be 18- Why?

There has been a lot of debate when it comes to fixing a legal drinking age and though there are laws to govern it, many people are against it and some are happy with it. Though, legal drinking age varies by country, many people want to fix the age criteria as eighteen. The basic concept is that the person becomes a full adult at this age and it would make sense for many that it is the ideal age for them to choose what they would like to do, from voting to choosing their career to even start drinking alcohol.

Below are some of the points that prove that eighteen is the ideal age for them to legally start drinking.

A person ideally gets to choose a leader for his country at this age. If he can make or have the mindset to who should become the potential leader of the country, he/she should have the right to purchase and consume alcohol. Apart from visiting a bar, one can also buy drinks from wholesale alcohol suppliers Melbourne online. Australia offers many online stores that sell wholesale alcohol at affordable prices. From individuals to bar owners, all can get access to a variety of drinks to serve their purposes.People joining the college usually get hold of these drinks via their seniors and most of them are not allowed to drink at events where others might be able to drink. This would sometimes give a chance to be a bully and to avoid these circumstances the age bar should be reduced. Most of the college students try to get over drunk due to the limited chances that they are provided and in certain cases, could lead to serious problems resulting in deaths.An eighteen year old is considered as an adult and could be tried in court if he commits a crime or provides a false judgement. So, the argument of most of the youngsters is that they are capable of making every other decision as a grown adult and hence they would want the age bar to be lifted from twenty-one years to eighteen.

If the legal age for drinking be fixed at eighteen, many colleges can find some rules or ways to regulate the consumption of alcohol so that the students do not get overly intoxicated and they could be monitored. In many cases, students hiding and drinking could be very hard to trace and in certain cases it could lead to false accusations. Visit http://premiumtaste.com.au/product/ 

The late teens are usually considered as the formative years to develop themselves in the society and it paves them a way to build their character. Proper and limited usage of these drinks provides them the license to drink and avoid unnecessary hassles for the family.